Training Program

At ESS, we believe in providing employees with the tools and resources to do a great job.  We begin by setting new hires up for success with a thorough training program that covers everything from workplace safety to procedures and best practices.

As employees progress through their career at ESS, we provide additional on-going training to support continued growth and development.  All employees can expect periodic opportunities for training on new procedures or equipment, workplace safety, and personal development.

Classroom Training:  we offer training in a relaxed environment where there is no "job site" pressure.

On the Job Training: employees work with supervisors or trainers to learn the job with a practical, hands-on approach.

On-going Training:  as part of our quality assurance program, team members receive frequent feedback and coaching on their performance. 

Equipment:  ESS uses the best products and equipment available.  We believe in giving our team members the proper tools needed to do the job right.