Safety Incentive Programs

Launched in 2010, the participation-based safety incentive programs offer employees a variety of opportunities to win monthly, quarterly, and annual prizes. Click on the link below for 2017 Safety Incentive Program information!

 Safety Poster 2017.pdf

After a year of learning what not to do, Maverick has seen the error of his ways and is now dedicated to promoting safety at ESS Clean. Newly elected as Sheriff, Maverick says, “Welcome to Safety Town, where Safety is priority #1. Join the ESS Safety POSSE and help us make unsafe behaviors a thing of the past.”

The 2017 Safety Newsletter is published quarterly. The newsletters are located on the Safety Newsletters page of the website. 

Wanted! Safety Prize Entries

  • SAFETY QUIZ. You will be entered in the quarterly raffle when you complete and submit the safety quiz located on the back page of each newsletter.The deadline for entries is noted in the newsletters. 
  • SAFETY SHARE. You may also qualify to win the manager's choice award when you submit a safety share. To compete, share an example of one of the following: (1) New information you learned in this newsletter and how you implemented it on the job; (2)  A potentially unsafe act you witnessed or experienced and how you corrected it; or (3) Suggest a way ESS might improve procedures or training on safety issues.


  • $50 RAFFLE PRIZE: Safety quiz participants will be entered in a raffle to win a $50 Walmart gift card. Four will be awarded each quarter.
  • $50 MANAGER’S CHOICE AWARD: Each quarter a $50 Walmart gift card will be awarded to the best Safety Share submitted.
  • $1,000 YEAR-END GRAND PRIZE: All participants are entered into a raffle to win $1,000. Grand prize drawing will be in December.