ESS Clean, Inc. celebrated 20 years in business on Friday, October 2nd with an open house. Brats, Burgers, and Hotdogs were served and several attending enjoyed tours of the facility.

ESS Clean, Inc. was founded in 1995.  The founding principle is that all commercial and industrial facilities can be made safer and healthier by effective cleaning.  ESS uses advanced methods of cleaning and maintenance in addition to the proper selection of effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products.  ESS practices the “capture and removal” method of cleaning to ensure the building looks clean and the contaminants have been removed.

ESS Clean’s Mission and Core Values have been a solid foundation for success along with talented and loyal team members. ESS Clean is proud to have grown the business every year since it was founded in 1995.



  •  Provide every customer with a clean, healthy, safe and productive workplace.
  •  Utilize the most effective, environmentally friendly methods and technology.
  •  Hire, train, develop, and promote honest people, providing them the tools to improve their quality of life.



  • Honesty
  • Always Get the Job Done
  • Provide the Best Value
  • Improve the Lives of our Team
  • Operate Debt Free
  • Have Fun