At ESS Clean, one of our Core Values is “Improve the Lives of our Team”.  We take the safety and welfare of our team very seriously.  The Coronavirus outbreak has pushed us out of our comfort zones and caused us to diligently study the daily developments of the Coronavirus (Specifically COVID-19).

Amid this major health concern, it is our job to keep our team safe and working.  First of all, we want you to be safe.  Please remember:

  1. Wash your hands on a regular basis
  2. Wear gloves while disinfecting.
  3. Do not touch your face with gloved hands. Throw away and replace gloves on a regular basis
  4. Stay home if you are sick.

Please visit the CDC site here if you have more questions about staying safe:

Secondly, we want to keep you working and earning a paycheck if you are well.  ESS will continue to pay employees for hours worked and for earned, paid time off.  Our expectation is that, if and when buildings are shut down, there will be ample work for us as a company to provide services and keep our team working.  The location and the type of work may change, but we expect to have work available.  We will likely be deep cleaning and disinfecting surfaces while the building is closed.  We do not anticipate the need to lay anyone off.

This situation is challenging for all of us.  Our team at ESS Clean is up for the challenge!

Paul Taylor