Anna has worked for ESS Clean for almost 24 years. Her Branch Manager, Brittany Babbs says “Anna carries a back-pack vacuum like its nothing and has never once complained about it!” Anna spent many of her years at ESS Clean working for our client Patterson, she was like family to them and they always made her feel so special by sending cards, texts and even called her for her birthday each year.

Anna’s generation is called the Silent Generation and they are very patriotic and ambitious. Ambitious always seems like it should be used for royalty or someone with letters behind their names but Anna is what ambitious looks like to me. Anna is one of ten and she is the baby of her family. She attributes her long life to working hard. I hope to have her strength at 80!!!!

If you are ambitious like Anna, our doors are open! #workhard #nevertooold #livingthedream #livewith purpose