Congratulations Brittany Babbs!

Effective Personal Productivity Our team at ESS Clean works so hard. In particular, our Branch Managers do an incredible job of running their own branch.....from hiring and inspiring to sales and customer relations. That said, it is a major accomplishment when someone makes time for personal development. I have great respect for Brittany Babbs [...]

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Congratulations Jacob Shaw!

Congratulations to the newly elected President of the Rotary Club of Savoy!  Jacob is the Operations Manager at ESS Clean.  When he is not at work, he is busy in the community, serving and making things happen.  If you see Jacob, please extended a congratulations!

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Thank Your Cleaner Day 2020

    Thank you to all our cleaners and managers for the work you do everyday! We loved celebrating with you! Because we were unable to have our annual party due to COVID-19, we decided to celebrate BIG on Thank Your Cleaner Day! Our gift was to see the wonderful SMILES and happiness today brought.    [...]

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ESS Clean, Inc. Shelter-In-Place Announcement from President, Paul Taylor

 Governor Pritzker issued a shelter-in-place order for the state of Illinois that is effective this Saturday, March 21, 2020.  According to the Department of Homeland Security, essential workers include “workers to ensure the continuity of building functions”.  That includes ESS Clean services.  Please assume that you will be working during this shelter-in-place order.  If we [...]

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Please Congratulate Our Perfect Attendance Winners 4th Quarter 2019!!

Perfect Attendance 4th Quarter 2019 Winners: Bloomington: Kelly Audi, Richard Barnes, Lisa Bernauer, John Clymer, Julianna Cook, Michael Cowan, Aubrey Deerwester, Peggy Fitzwater, Vanessa Flynn, Stephanie Hallmark, Emily Harris, Betty Hartung, Skylar Holland, Nicholas Irvin, Mary James, John Janssen, Mary Janssen, Stephanie Kelly, Tab Kraft, Thomas Mann, Allison McGuire, Jame Nebel, Richard Nuckols, Christine Peden, [...]

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Please Congratulate Our Perfect Attendance Winners 3rd Quarter 2019!!

Bloomington:  Mary Janssen, Alethea Jamison Nicholas Irvin, Lisa Madison, Mary Holmes, Zachary Ogden, Christopher Lynn, Lisa Bernauer, James Nebel, Adam Litwiller, Dana Phelon, Sharlet Wilkins, Betty Hartung, Stephanie Hallmark, Renee Brewer, Thomas Mann, Richard Barnes, Debbie Kerrigan, Marvin Williams, Scott Roberts, Betina Bryant, Tab Kraft, Mary James, Leslie Ziegler, John Janssen, Michael Cowan, Allison Mcguire, [...]

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ESS Clean, Inc., has successfully passed its Cleaning Industry Management Standard - Green Building assessment and was awarded CIMS- Green Building Certification with Honors.  This demonstrates that ESS Clean, Inc., is committed to deliver environmentally preferable services that are designed to meet customer needs and expectations.  They provide green cleaning services and assist customers in [...]

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