Green Cleaning

The word “Green” means different things to different people. In the contract cleaning industry, “Green Cleaning” means the process of providing janitorial services using procedures and products that have a reduced or minimal impact on the outdoor environment, and a positive impact on the indoor environment. One of the top organizations regulating the “Green” movement is the non-profit organization, Green Seal.

Products which bear the Green Seal stamp of approval must meet a number of standards. Some of these standards include being non-toxic to humans, non-corrosive and non-combustible. At ESS Clean, Inc.,  we utilize mostly Green Seal approved products, but we also understand that appropriate cleaning may necessitate the use of products that are not Green Seal approved. For instance, to adequately clean certain surfaces, a disinfectant must be used and by their nature, disinfectants do not fall within the Green Seal standards. We routinely review our product line to ensure that the effectiveness of the product will meet our customer’s expectation, while bearing in mind the impact upon the environment.

Cleaning processes must also adhere to certain standards to be considered green. For example, a cleaning service provider must reuse cleaning rags, use high filtration vacuums, use Green Seal approved products, and develop a cleaning plan to minimize the impact on building occupants. Training is also an essential part of any green cleaning program. Associates must be trained in the proper use of chemicals prior to working independently followed by annual training in the areas of operations and safety.

ESS Clean, Inc. incorporates all training requirements and more to create a cleaning program customized to meet customer requirements. High efficiency vacuums and antistatic dusting sleeves are used to capture and remove dirt from the facility. The ESS Training Certification Program consists of videos, classroom instruction, OSHA standards, and on site training all of which prepares our Team to effectively clean the facility in which they will be working. Area Managers monitor each account to maintain quality and ensure compliance with our standards.

At ESS Clean we understand the importance of meeting our customer’s expectation for cleanliness and appearance while implementing green cleaning processes. ESS can customize any program to meet the requirements for LEED or any other “Green” Program.

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