President and Founder of ESS Clean, Paul Taylor, Interviewed by Contracting Profits Magazine

ESS Clean, Inc. announced today that a recent interview with their President and Founder, Paul Taylor will appear in the May 2010 issue of Contracting Profits magazine.  The interview, conducted by Lisa Ridgely, Editor of Contracting Profits, focuses on the story of how this Building Services Contractor has seen success as a result of his dedication to improving employees’ quality of life through hands-on leadership.

Paul Taylor is a great leader and a great role model.  The compassion and generosity that he shows for his employees, all the way down to the front line, is what sets him apart.  I believe that to whom much is given, much is expected.  So I feel it’s a requirement for me to give back, Taylor said during his interview.  And Taylor does just that, serving in a variety of community-based organizations, mentoring high school students, and offering financial classes to his employees at ESS.

Contracting Profits is a trade magazine for building service contractors.  Published monthly, this resource provides industry professionals with current information on business issues and trends that impact building service companies.

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