If you know someone who thinks they are too old to make a significant contribution anymore, I encourage you to read this. Meet these two bada$$ golden girls of cleaning. I would take this duo any day to tackle a tough project. I’m not going to tell you their ages. Let’s just say they are “seasoned”.

Meet Betty on the left who came back to work at ESS clean after a nineteen year “break” (her break was working only one full time job, instead of two jobs while helping raise her grandkids). Betty has lived in Illinois most of her life, with two short stays in Las Vegas and Kentucky. Betty is blessed with four children, five grandchildren and…………wait for it………..two great grandchildren.

Charletta also spent most of her life in Illinois. She worked most of her life in nursing homes, doing laundry, housekeeping and dining. Charletta loves reading, yardwork, sketching and fitness.

If you ever run into one of these two ladies, give them a high-five and be careful you don’t hurt your hand.

If you are “seasoned” like these ladies, and want to work with us, our doors are open!  #workhard #nevertooold #livingthedream #livewith purpose